Atzarakis Michalis, Ατζαρακης Μιχαλης, Ατζαράκης Μιχάλης

Specialised professional insurance financial adviser, with 10 years experience in the insurance industry.
Graduated Business Administration and holds A level Insurance Consultant certifications, C' Insurance Broker & D' Investment Advisor from the Bank of Greece.
Specialised in fire and liability insurances by Cromar ltd. coverholder at Lloyds & in Health, Life & Investment Insurance by NN.
My aim is to be continuously informed and educated, in order to be able to propose most suitable insurance solutions for you!
Dedicated to the client's insurance needs, creating long-term relationships of trust.

Continuous support and updating of programmes due to the changing standard of living.

Over time, some of the data which you provided to us for the signing of a contract will certainly have been changed or been altered.
Our mission is to keep our services at a high level for you. That is why we have the ability to customize our insurance coverages to meet your needs according to changes that may occur in the future.


Our specialization and knowledge certifications, in the Health sectors,
Life-Investment and Fire sectors keep our knowledge at an excellent level.
Only with expertise can we be sure of the needs we cover and the product we propose.
Much more important, however, is our expertise in analysing your needs.

Find appropriate solutions.

According to the standard of living and the needs of each insured person, we find the right insurance solution, which will be 100% useful and effective when you need it.

Continuous Education & Information

Daily education and information is a way of life.
Only in this way can the right insurance adviser provide excellent service and proper coverage.

Next to the insured and at the time of indemnification.

During the compensation our presence and our involvement in the whole process is immediate.
It is important to know that even in trouble you will not be alone yourself.
You will be with the person who knows your policy and coverages and will see to it that you are promptly and properly compensated.
And it's none other than your insurance advisor.






Total customers


Years of Experience


Adaptation to you

Meetings are held either in our office or at your place, or via the internet when the schedule and time are limited or there is a long distance.


The service of our policyholders is always by appointment.


Our aim is to make your service immediate and easy, without delays & difficulties.


We build trusting relationships with you.
Relationships of trust that last forever.

Focus on you

It is very important for us, the dedication of the necessary time & meetings with each of our policyholders, in order to investigate the insurance need and to provide him with the appropriate insurance coverage.

Always by your side

All of our policyholders know and many of them can can confirm that we are at their disposal at all times, for any difficult circumstance or sudden event that may that may occur, in which they need our advice and assistance.


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